Thursday, May 24, 2018

Weekly Blog

This week was an exhausting week. We had 3 map test,lot's of recount writing, different types of math problem we had to solve and a 4 rotation we did today. 

The Map test:
For the map test there were 3 test. We started the map test on Tuesday. The first test we did was Reading, it was a little challenging because there were lot's of stories/words we had to read to answer the question. On Wednesday was math, most of the questions I used an algorithm and I felt it was really helpful and we can get the answer easily. The next day it was Languages and I feel like the languages were easier which I sort of enjoyed, the language was basically fixing sentences using grammars and punctuation. In my opinion this map test was a little bit boring, sometimes when I'm doing these problems I feel sleepy because I don't really prepare for the test. 

The recount writing:
This week recount writing was writing the first paragraph (the introduction) to an event you want to write. 
This is my introduction for my recount Wizard Of Oz! 

On Saturday afternoon I went to the Wizard Of Oz production that was in school at the UNIS theater. The temperature in the theater was really cold, it was like in winter wonderland!  It was a huge play because it was UNIS 30th birthday so we had grade 4 to 11 in the play. I had to be at school around 1:00pm so I went alone, my family are watching me at 2:45 because surprisingly I was Dorothy Gale.  Dorothy Gale has french braids on both side of her hair,her makeup doesn’t show that much, her dress is light blue and white with checkers designs on it. I was nervous and scared because I never joined a play before and never got this big role standing in front of all of these people!

This week we focus on more of our new unit Transitions. We got to look at books about girls body and boys body. Today we went to the ECC gym and got to listen to the nurse Ms Susan about the boys and girls private spot. It was a little weird to learn about boys private though. But I'm excited to continue learning about girls body with my friends! 

This week has been fantastic! I really enjoyed it! 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

The week

This week I did the math station and I today I went to the mass station with my friend Ester. We had to get 1 half liter of water and measure it with 500g cube. It was the same amount and it was in the middle. Next there were little blocks that weigh 10g and 20g, me and Ester added the little cubes to make 500g. We measure it again and it was still the same amount. Now me and Ester learned that 500g is half of 1 liter.

On Wednesday I went to the capacity station where we need to make the perfect recipe for the kool aid. Kool aid is famous US drink, you just need the powder of the kool aid water. I was super excited to make this drink and drink it. My recipe was adding 2 spoonful of kool aid which is 20ml and add 200ml of water then mix it up. After that you'll a sweet drink. I learned that we had to add the right amount of the recipe it to be tasty.

For literacy we did the recount writing. The main purpose of the recount is to retell an event. Mostly you have to retell 4 events that happens in the story. 
Here are some links to my recount story:

Organizing Seating

For UOI we had a new unit called "Transitions". Its about changes or moving places to places. On Monday we went to one of the kindergarten class and the kindergarten teacher treated us like a K2. We had our own choice of what we should play. I had a partner and she is Melissa and we chose blocks. We decided to make a castle using blocks, but it kind of failed because Xavier keeps on throwing blocks on our castle. I'm really really excited for this unit because we can go back in time and remember our child hood!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Weekly Blog post week 30

In literacy we had book club, and my group red Island Bound, to me its a mysterious and scary story because its about a ghost named Martha Cox and her 2 sons pass away because they drowned in the ocean in Bermuda. Yesterday every group was presenting to their group mate about their jobs. I was the connector so I had to show everyone in my group what I had connected to the book. I had to connect with 3 types of connections, text to self,text to text and text to world. 

In math we started a new unit called Geometry. The first thing we learn about is measuring the shapes with perimeters and areas. Then we made fences for the unicorns and we needed 30m for the unicorns to fit, using cubes was the best way for me to measure. I learned to multiply with fractions like 1/2 x 1/2. But I still need to work on it. 

In PYPX my group split up, all the boys went to PE because their passion is sport, then me and my friend Seo Yeon did a project together, I am going to make cookies and decorate it, and we had an idea that we should decorate the cookies with the frosting we made our self and draw them as a peace sign. Then each cookie everyone gets a nice loving note!
 Right now me and Seo Yeon is panicking because we don't know where to get the money and when are we going to make the cookies. So now me and Seo Yeon thinks its not going to be a success! But never give up!  

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Exhibition week 4

This week exhibition my group did a collaboration pie chart and I had to divide it how wide it is and it depends on your group mate communications and cooperation. So far I had done 2 collaboration pie chart which means 2 weeks already.

 My group want to find out "how to stop bullying and violence" so we had an idea to interview Mr. Dylan. I went on typing down some questions to ask him and about his job.
At the beginning of the week my teacher sent all of the grade 5 student a slide and we had to add the group central ideas and lines of inquiry.
My central Ideas is: Humans need Justice and Cooperation for peace to exist
Lines of inquiry:
-what are the effects of teasing?
-how to stop teasing and violence
-what makes a peaceful and cooperative community?

Then my group made more slide underneath and we had to research about the lines of inquiry and SDG number 16 (Peace and Justice in institution) Someone came up with this idea that everyone in my group split up and research different things to make it faster and we did it and my group is nearly done with everything! 

Today we have a mentor meeting with Mr. Daniel and Ms. Annisa came and showed us 3 video about Bullying and how to stop it! I thought that was really helpful!

I'm so looking forward working on more awesome stuff and being a cooperation person,communication and a thinker because those are the things I am for the PYPX grade 5 exhibition 2018!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Grade 4 & 5 Music Concert

This morning grade 5 has a music concert. I was pretty nervous because I have a solo for a song "Hold Back The River". But the first thing that happened was the grade 5 strings played the Cello with the song "Rhythm Fever and Here it Comes". Then the cello and violins played a piece together called "Tiptoe Boo". It sounds really good with the combines strings! I have nothing to worried about when I play the cello except when I do the squeaky sound with the bow. For singing I have to do the solo with 4 other girls, and I have to sing it high, I was really nervous and scared because I was scared my voice will crack in front of everyone. But the performance went very smooth and I love it!

How I was:
I was a risk taker because I was brave to sing in front of everyone, but when I get nervous I take a deep breathe and it work!

Click here to watch the concert video:
Singing "Have You ever seen the rain" here
Singing "On top of the world" here 

Singing "Hold Back The River" here

Thursday, March 1, 2018

ISA test

This week all of the International School around the world did a ISA Test! There is Math test and writing test. The math test was a little hard, but for the practice one was easy. Each and everyone gets a scrap piece of paper to do their strategies, mine was not that messy because most of the question was easy, I only used it for something hard!

For writing there is 2 piece of writing, one is you need to write a story that connects with the picture and the other one is almost like a discussion essay but I just wrote a persuasive writing.

PYP for the test:
For the whole test I was a thinker because these question are so hard that I have to think for about 5 minutes and write the strategies down.

That's the main PYP attitudes!

Thanks for hearing my reflection on the ISA Test!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

This week

This week for Math my class continue doing the mean average. But today me and Ella did a practice on the "mean average" that me and her made up. The question is "Whats the mean average of ages singers had made their first songs" I actually came up with that idea, so me and Ella agreed on the questions. We went all over the internet to search up singers and their first songs. To solve how old they were when their first song came out, me and her use an algorithm. It was very useful! 

For literacy my class finished up their discussion essay. I was pretty impress with my essay because for structure, I got nearly all checks. Their were just one one that I didn't have in my story. But the rest was fine. My discussion essay was "Are dogs better then cats". Mine was almost like a persuasive writing at first, but then my teacher Mr Nathan helped me and it turns out great! I learn different types of words that authors used in their stories. (But I forgot the words, I need to check it again)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Thats Anne Frank
UOI I didn't do that much this week, but for biography I was reading Anne Frank and me and Ella has the same book so we shared it. What I need to do was make a timeline or a story arc about Anne Frank. Her life are very interesting. How she got famous was every single day she wrote in her diary, but when she was caught in the safe house, the Nazi sent her and her family to concentration Camp in Germany. She didn't survived the war and she pass away when she was 15 years old on March 12 1945,her sister Margot and her mom didn't survived and all pass away in 1945. But at least her dad survived the war. 
That a little facts about her and her family!