Thursday, January 18, 2018


This week grade 5 learn about government because this will be grade 5 next unit of inquirer. I am super excited to learn about government around the world and different types. On Monday this week, the first type of government that my class did was Monarchy.

Monarchy: Monarchy is basically a leader/king that tells us what to do. How my class decide on who is the king, my teacher brought my class a big pie and he said if you see a toy in your slice then your the king. The king was in my class of course and it was Xavier. My teacher wasn't the boss because now for the day, the king is. To be honest he makes good decision on educational stuff.

Anarchy: The next day was another fun day, because all of the grade 5 teacher wasn't in charge of the student. That means all of the students have FREEDOM!!! Anarchy means you have no rules in the country and no one can tell you what to do. There was this one period where it wasn't Anarchy time because my teacher said to write a reflection. But that's just a little thing.

Dictatorship: Dictatorship means we have a leader and that leader has to be strict or not, but the citizens need to follow their directions. If their not then probably they get banned from the country. My teacher was the government. The day was just another regular day like at school though.

Democracy: It's like a election. Everyone vote for someone to be the president. Also you work in groups and discuss about the voting and goverment.

I'm really gonna enjoy this unit! This seems fun! I am so excited to learn this!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Overnight Trip

Last Wednesday all of the 5th grader went to Hoa Binh to spend some free time with no learning.
It was awesome and fun that I could barely sleep for the whole night...well I did slept but I 
stayed awake for like until 10:00 but when I turned off the night light then I slept peacefully.

I'm going to show you my favorite part about camp and my least favorite part about camp.

My favorite part about Camp is the Disco Night. It was awesome. After daily writing it was time to have some fun. Me and a group of girls sang so loud and horribly wrong. The girls that were singing with me were Ester,Melissa,Phuong Anh,Hachi,Azediwa, Thien Anh and Fame. Then each group (Group A,group B,group C and group D) perform their dance move the groups practice that day. There were Thunder which my group did,Uptown funk,Despacito,Rockabye,and Break Free. . Everyone was awesome

My least favorite part about camp is HIKING!!! Right after the Scavenger Hunt,we had Lunch then right after lunch we had hiking straight away. OMG I was almost dying! But luckily I didn't cause I have water! There were a few puddles and everyone have to stop to get through the puddles. Here are the scariest parts of hiking that I experience. So there were 4 buffalo's and when the whole grade 5 get near it,it runs away,but I was scared it will attacks us if it runs down. The second scary part I experience was the dogs barking. There were dogs from homes barking. I don't know how much I even pass. But one time there was a dog that wasn't in a cage and I was scared so I moved back but then I stepped on Mud!!! OMG my shoes were MUDDY so MUCH!!!  But that okay,when I got to the resort it dried and I wash my shoes. 

I was a Communicator because during the group activities I was listening to my group mates ideas and not judging it and not disagreeing on their ideas,I actually think it was pretty good! 

I was also Enthusiastic because I was so excited that I wasn't organized or unpacked my stuff when we just got to V Resort. 

Thanks for watching my reflection! I hoped you have a great day!  

narrative presenting reflection

Today my class presented their stories to their buddies. I was with my buddy and 2 other group which makes us 6 in total. I was nervous before when I was hearing my friend read her story, then it was my turn. But when i started to read I felt calm down and I enjoyed reading my story. It was funny how my group had 2 bags of popcorn, then when each of us was done reading, each of us would eat 5 popcorns pieces. When it was my turn I calmed down and started reading my story. After when i was done eating, my buddy cheered for me and I think that was cute!

I was confidence because I calmed down very fast and started reading, not waiting forever to starts reading.

That's my reflection about me presenting my narrative story.

Bài Miêu tả cảnh

Trong lớp tiếng việt, em đang học về thiên nhiên tươi đẹp. Đây là văn đầu tiên mà em được viết tả về thiên nhiên. Bài này thì làm mất nhiều thời gian vì em chưa viết văn tả cảnh bao giờ. Em làm chậm bởi vì em không biết miêu tả như thế nào. Đầu tiên thì cô giáo em đưa cho mọi người ảnh thiên nhiên cây cối, rồi thì em phải viết 10 thứ mà em nhìn thấy, xong thì phải so sánh và miêu tả 10 từ đó thành những đoạn văn. Em thực sự thích viết bài văn và miêu tả cây cối,cảnh. 

Đây là bài văn của em.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Maker Day-Shark Tank

Today I had a Maker day and so the whole Elementary School. All the grade 5 was working on Shark Tank. I was in the country North AMERICA! My energy sources is Hydropower. My group members were Nathan and Hai Phong. We made a Turbine. A Turbine is when you put the project or the turbine in the water, then the turbine starts to spin around because the water weigh and the motor which is spinning.

What was challenging was trying to make it move. My group didn't have the PVC pipe so it was hard to make it when you miss something. But at least my group has the motor which it moves, but my group was struggling to see which motor fit the hole of the wood my group got.

At least in the end we made it move.
I was communicator because I was listening to the team leader ideas and agreeing on. Also I was a thinker because I was thinking so hard to see how to fit the motor in the hole on the wood. Oh and one last thing, I was Cooperation because I was helping my team, going to place to place to find my teacher to help us cut the wood, and drill the hole.

But the rest I enjoy making it and using the hydropower turbine that I made.
I so nervous for the presentation that's gonna be happening this Friday, I'll just need to calm down and take a deep big breath :)

Here are some photos of the Maker day
 thanks for reading my reflection:)

Thursday, November 9, 2017

My Narrative Story: New Family

New Family
It was a rainy stormy day,Matthew which is 5 was so excited because his baby sister is gonna come. When his baby sister came out his mom sadly pass away! Matthew and his dad was so sad that they cried in their mom’s arms. “Daddy why did mom have to go”!? Matthew cried while
talking to dad. “It gonna be okay Matthew, you have me here” Daddy replied to him.

Soon they brought their new baby sister home and named her Zoe! “Daddy. Zoe is such a good name” Matthew said. Their dad each gave them a necklace. “Wear this” their dad gently said. “Give one to your sister,this will make you guys strong”. Matthew necklace is star silver and Zoe a gold heart necklace.

Sadly a couple of days goes by their dad couldn’t take care of them anymore so he send them to the orphanage near by. Matthew was heartbroken when his dad left him and his sister there! “DADDY DON’T LEAVE US HERE,WERE YOUR KIDS,WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US”? Matthew yelled! At that time their dad couldn’t take care of them because their dad got kicked out of his job. When Matthew was crying and screaming and yelling his dad to come back,it was too late,their dad was gone. Matthew cried forever and never stop because he misses his dad so much! Zoe was still so little that she doesn’t know what’s happening.

Couple of months later Zoe was 8 month old, a rich family came and adopted them. Their new mom was like a model,she has a smell of perfume,makeup on, her hair was the color light brown,long and curly, and her eyes were blue! SHE WAS THE PERFECT MOM!!! Their new dad were very organized and he is pretty tall. Next came their new big sister, her name was Lucy,she looks pretty just like her mom,and Lucy looks about 12 years old.

They accept them and adopted them straight away! OMG Matthew was so excited to see their new house. Their new mom was in front of the car and was making Zoe laugh so much! Lucy was listening to music, she’s very quiet sometimes. When they got to the new house,they just realized that mom’s graveyard is 2 blocks away from this giant mansion. “I knew I’m gonna go and visit mom’s graveyard every day” Matthew saying to himself in his giant bedroom.

Soon years pass and Zoe’s now a beautiful 11 years old girl and Matthew is 16 years old now! They started to miss their mom so much. Matthew had an idea. Every night Zoe and Matthew can go their and sleep close to their mom’s graveyard.

And every morning they would sneak back in the house and pretend to be asleep. But one day when they are sneaking out, Lucy and her friends just came back from a party and saw them running to the graveyard. Lucy saw in shocked and took a video of them sneaking out and sleeping in front of their mom’s graveyard. The next morning Lucy showed her parent the clip, and they were very very very disapointed! They shouted at Matthew and Zoe and yelled at them “GO PACK ALL OF YOUR STUFFS AND LEAVE THIS PLACE NOW” and they did it.

The 2 siblings continue to sleep next to their mom’s grave. But one day they got very hungry, so they went around begging for food! But no one would give them. Except this kind man gave them foods. He gave them so much that they were so full! “What your name, and where is your parent”?

But they didn’t answer, until Zoe pulled out her necklace because it was distracting her, and the man was in SHOCKED! IT WAS THEIR FATHER! MATTHEW RECOGNIZED HIM HIM TOO! “DADDY” MATTHEW YELLED AND THEN ZOE COPIED HIM! ZOE WAS DO SURPRISE!

He brought them home and his job was a doctor now! He earns lot’s of money each year. They lived in a Modern House. The kids had 2 puppies to play with. The kids also had good education in school. And they all are wealthy and lived happily together!



Making up a story is kind of hard because I had to have a conflict,climax,rising action and conclusion. But I made this story with lot's of words and details. 
It was kind of long, but most reader loves to read it long.
I was a thinker because writing while typing is kind of hard. 
I had to memorized my story and typed it, but just in case I have my story by my side! 

I hope you enjoy my story and my reflection! 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


What is Electricity?

Well electricity is energy. You get energy when electrons goes from place to place. 
Also electricity can be seen in nature. Like forest and all of that, because when it's raining sometimes it can have lightning and that is where the electricity comes from. 

There now you know where you can be seen from electricity! 
Thanks for reading this and listening.

Here are some images of electricity and electrons.